Немного модифицированный автобус MB O305G, в котором применили более качественные текстуры.

Модификации автобуса:

DB’s O305Gs differed slightly from the average O305G elsewhere:
- 280bhp turbo engine (instead of the standard 240bhp naturally aspirated)
- Spare wheel compartment behind the right front wheel
- Different air inlet louvre for the engine’s radiator
- Additional oil cooler behind an extra flap before the left rear wheels from 1985 onwards
- Black anodised aluminium frame for the hopper windows (instead of silver) from 1984 onwards
- Omission of the destination roof box above the 2nd window on the right-hand side from 1985 onwards,
at the same time introduction of matrix destination displays, with the side display fitted in the 2nd window,
differently shaped display at the front in 1986 and 1987


Автобус полностью адаптирован под кириллические ОС



Для работы мода требуется аддон MB O305G



Адаптация автобуса на кириллические ОС: Холзаков Алексей, Прыгунов Николай, Глушков Павел и др.

CREDITS Basic model O305G and special amendmends of the body mesh for the matrix versions: Rolf Westphalen

Sounds: Rolf Westphalen, Perotinus, PoweredByCNG, E2H1986

Additional content (dashboards, steering wheel, driver’s seat, dot matrix displays, ALMEX ticket printer and cash desk,
destination blinds, Mercedes stars, additional rear indicators, rear fog light, contour lamps): Perotinus with additions and
modifications by E2H1986 Retarder: basic script by Morphi, carried over and adapted by E2H1986

Idea, repaints und template modification: E2H1986

Beta test: Tristan, Rolf Westphalen, PoweredByCNG and Pictor