Version: 2.0
Modify: FZ6723, GJFT, HA8721
Bus Routes: Grundorf Bus Services:
66: South Valley Rail. Station <=> Bus Rally (Circular)
67: Mid-Levels Plaza <=> Ching Lam Estate
67E: Mid-Levels Plaza <=> River Side
68: Mid-Levels Plaza <=> Grundorf Bay
69: River Side <=> Krankenhaus
70: Wah Fu Estate <=> Yat Lam Estate
70E: Container Terminals <=> Grundorf Tunnel Toll Plaza (Circular)
71: Jumbo Garden <=> Bauernhof Rail. Station (Circular)
72: Grundorf Bay <=> Nottingham Court
73: Grundorf Bay <=> Bauernhof
74: Wah Fu Estate <=> Bauernhof
75: Wah Fu Estate <=> Mill Hill (Circular)
76: Bauernhof <=> Krankenhaus (Circular)
77: Krankenhaus <=> Mill Hill (Circular)
78: Grundorf Bay <=> Peninsula Beach
78E: Wah Fu Estate <=> University of Grundorf (Circular)
79: Krankenhaus <=> Peninsula Beach
91: Cemetery of Grundorf <=> Krankenhaus
92: Cemetery of Grundorf <=> Grundorf Bay
93: Cemetery of Grundorf <=> Mid-Levels Plaza
94: Cemetery of Grundorf <=> River Side
P1: Hong Shing Port <=> Nottingham Court
P2: Hong Shing Port <=> Mid-Levels Plaza
P3: Hong Shing Port <=> River Side
N67: Ching Lam Estate <=> River Side
N68: South Valley Rail. Station <=> Bauernhof Rail. Station (Circular)
N73: Grundorf Bay <=> Krankenhaus
Grundorf Airport Bus Services:
A1: Airport Ground Transportation Centre<=> Bauernhof
A2: Airport Ground Transportation Centre<=> Grundorf Bay
A3: Airport Ground Transportation Centre<=> South Valley Hospital
A4: Airport Ground Transportation Centre<=> Hong Shing Port
E1: Grundorf Expo <=> Airport Maintenance Area
E2: Grundorf Expo <=> Bauernhof Rail. Station (Circular)
E3: Grundorf Expo <=> River Side

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